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What is Time?

Time is but a Word given to a process of Naming a control factor. I say, there is NO time, in the Reality of being. As in, a No begining & No end to all existence. A Universial Infinity.
Not confuse this with mathematics a sequence of numbers.Also a method used to control.
I do know, I am, as You are, as we all are, that we are.
Our differences are only in our purposes, our reasons to be,are defined by our abilities. Our abilities are defined by our evident obsorbence. Back to:
What is Time? Most will think of a Clock, A Clock is a control factor.Introduced by mathematical units for calculating a control system, for organizing.
Organized Controlled Freedom. Intended to prevent chaos & to give an order to a beginning & an end, yet there is neither…
As I believe in Eternity & in which there is No Time.