Can I Do This?

My Emotions are making my Eyes Leak, the Salty Liquid Continues Falling from my eyes, I look in a mirror & try to not see me, as I see me less than I believe I really am.. I wash my face, I feel a bit cleaner, but the Leaking continues.. I feel a hurting deep within. It’s not like a headache or a stiff neck.. nor is it like a stubbed toe. It’s a deep body ache. Deep into my soul. I feel as if my heart is broken, my heart is my soul of life, I am so aware, yet.. I am so so lost, all I want is to be is whom I Believe I was Born to be.
So many lost years, I know I’ll never Re-capture. I am all of my past. Tomorrow.. If, I wake, it will be 45 yrs. I have been lost.. Surviving,working,wondering,searching,for help & understanding with my inability to have correct procedures with court procedures..Oh, yes.. I have contacted many many people with-in the judicial system.. But but … Ya know.. The leaky eyes & my clothing, get more attention than my words!…
And to say, there are mistakes with-in judicial procedures to anyone in the system and asking for corrections is like asking the Destroyer to Un-Destroy!
Are there any conscience with-in our system of Justice? That are strong & willing enough to help make corrections? I need to be heard in the 5th District Court of appeals in N.O.La.
45 years is long enough to wait for my day..


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